Introduces fast-track process for companies to dramatically improve their supply planning.

London, Tampa, Prague, June 1, 2021 – Orchestr8 ( – an award-winning provider of supply planning software and services, today announced the launch of a new Supply Planning as a Service (SPaaS) platform designed for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, e-commerce, and retailers that want to better balance supply with demand – especially during complex times. “SPaaS is perfect for organizations that are challenged to match supply to demand by de-risking forecast inaccuracies and achieving significantly improved alignment of fill rate, service level, and overall inventory reduction.” said Ron Ezsak, President of Orchestr8 Americas. Fear of being wrong means individual planners often inflate forecasts which creates excess inventory and higher carrying costs. This happens because MRP consumes a precisely wrong forecast to precisely raise planned orders and set predictive levels of safety stock. This pushes extra inventory, effort, and cost into safety stock. Normal volatility is compounded by an ongoing effort to fix errors caused by the previous day’s forecast. The result is perpetual confusion, lack of visibility, slow decision-making, inaccurate forecasts, and artificial (CYA) buffers.

New case studies. See the results – the fastest path to supply planning success:

In less than 4 weeks (average configuration and deployment time), Orchestr8’s SpaaS supply planning capability can be fully operational. Planners can focus upon executing the things that matter – such as monitoring plans and receiving alerts to inventory and then acting on service level exceptions such as stock-outs, minimum inventory, and replenishment cycles. O8 handles everything else: “With SpaaS, we’ve fixed the technology and the human side of planning. Our managed service includes consultants that teach planners how to de-risk supply planning from the forecast and then the SpaaS technology gives them the tools that ensure demand and supply are aligned. Planners can finally understand its true market demand with service levels and fill rates nearing 100%. We believe SPaaS is the fastest way for companies to transition to a robust demand-driven planning approach – in fact, most SpaaS deployments can be completed in less than 4 weeks,” said Ezsak. Orchestr8’s SPaaS is 100 percent browser-based, easy to use, easily scalable, and easily supports and automates planning scenarios with hundreds of thousands of item-customer combinations. For more information about Orchestr8’s supply planning as a Service, please contact… Orchestr8 3030 N Rocky Point Dr. #150 Tampa, FL 33607 +1 (800) 572-9108 For media inquiries, contact… Ben Bradley Director of Marketing and Communications