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Demand Planning   Supply Planning    S&OP

Functional Capabilities

Demand Planning

  • Hierarchies
  • Outliers
  • Transparent AI
  • Event History Mining and ML
  • Modelling
  • Baseline/Promo/Seasonal/Event
  • Market Intel/external data wrangling
  • Financial
  • Scenarios
  • Up/downside
  • Manual override
  • PLM / NPI management
  • Demand Hub (data sharing and integration)

Powered by Garvis

Powered by Garvis

Functional Capabilities

Demand Sensing

  • Pattern recognition
  • External data correlation
  • Self learning/adjusting ML
  • Advanced forecast consumption/fine tuning
  • Direct linkage to Supply Planning for actionable insights
Functional Capabilities

Supply Planning

  • VVA segmentation, ABC
  • Analysis
  • Buffer calculation (inc actual variability)
  • Replenishment order creation (auto and manual)
  • Planning rules (by SKU/group/policy)
  • DDMRP, ROP, ROC, MTO, Rate etc
  • DCLT calculation
  • Forward Plan
  • Capacity (in any unit real or virtual)
  • Tank capacity planning
Functional Capabilities

Execution Planning

  • Generation of new replenishment orders
  • Material availability check
  • Capacity check
  • ATP
  • Order Mngt and Prioritization
  • Alerts (multi-level) including shortages and excess
  • Order export/integration
  • Via interface or email configuration
  • Leadtime and date management
  • Order grouping (aggregation/disaggregation)
Functional Capabilities

S&OP & Conditioning

  • Supply Order projections
  • Med/Long-term capacity planning (any unit)
  • Inventory projections (Multi-echelon)
  • Finance projections (revenue, working cap etc)
  • Buffer recalculation
  • Auto segmentation & planning rule application
  • Service level projections
  • Tactical alignment to business strategy
  • Demand Sensing integration
  • Plan for each part
  • Scenario modelling
Functional Capabilities

Reporting & Analysis

  • Extensive report library
  • User-driven/self-service analytics
  • LogiAnalytics
  • Export
  • Auto-Email
  • Control Cockpit
  • Process Compliance Metrics
  • Business Warehouse data integration
  • Bespoke Dashboards

Trusted by the World’s Best Companies incl. Fortune 100.

Tom Daunt
European Logistics & Planning Director

“Orchestr8 has really brought value to our planning process. Delivering high levels of customer service  whilst reducing inventory is the holy grail of any Planning Organisation – with O8 we have achieved this”

Case Study

British Telecom: Demand Driven with O8

• Supply chain ‘de-risked’ from forecast accuracy

• Overall inventory reduction between 20%-30%

• Maintained or improved service levels at 99%+

• Plan changes reduced to almost zero

• Strong positive impact on cash flow and ROCE

• Planning effort substantially reduced

• Initiated the change to a simple and robust DD S&OP process

Do you recognize these symptoms?

Our Mindful Planning Solutions will help you


• Day in the life of a planner is stressful

• Continuous changing priorities, excessive firefighting

• Standard planning tools do not support modern business requirements


• Incremental improvement
projects don’t last

• Planning and business processes are not aligned and are rarely reconcilable

• Crisis in talent development and retention


• Persistent tension between inventory, service and cost

• Persistent failure of IT and
process investments to
deliver a ROI

• Difficulty to create real supply chain competitive advantage

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