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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering most requested questions in simple accordion


Is O8 cloud based or on-premise?

Orchestr8 is a cloud-based software. Dedicated client servers can be made available upon request.

Is O8 a DDMRP DDI accredited planning system?

Yes, Orchestr8 is accredited by the Demand Driven Institute since 2016.

What is mindful planning? Performance Driven Planning?

Forecast based MRP creates an automatic built in response to every difference between actual demand and forecasted demand. This creates the bullwhip and excessive exception management processing. Mindful planning is the capability to identify genuine exceptions within a calm stable framework that allows for business as usual demand variability and deals with it autonomously whilst highlighting genuine anomalies for value added planner intervention. The calm stable framework ensures the supply chain operated optimally given its operating constraints expressed in terms of lead time and batch sizes. Results can be improved through targeted optimisation of those real operating parameters and linking the set up to business strategy in a reportable tangible manner.

Why are you different?

O8 is the only end to end enterprise planning platform that seamlessly integrates multiple planning methods into a 3 tier planning structure supporting strategy, tactical and operational planning processes. We will guarantee your business results.

Is O8 planning specific to any industry?

No – the approach works in service, distribution, manufacturing and MRO environments. Any supply chain that requires the management of resources will benefit. Those resources can be inventory, people, space or any other variable.

Does O8 support small/medium/large businesses?

Yes, Orchestr8 functionalities cover the requirements of companies of different dimensions and complexities. Please refer to our solutions page for all functionalities overview.
Our development approach ensures the sustainability of both the functional and technical landscapes.

Where do you operate?

We have global presence with clients in 25+ countries across Europe, America, Asia and Africa

How much does O8 cost?
Our pricing model considers both the complexity of your business and the level of support required to ensure a sustainable transformation. For further inquiries don’t hesitate to reach out to
Why are you less expensive than other systems?
All our customers use the same software application allowing us to be efficient in delivery and support. We are unique in the space in offering a SAAS solution delivered for over 20 years. The mindful approach also focuses on the right things that drive supply chain performance. Results are not driven by ever greater data analytics, they are founded on identifying the right information and optimising set ups and operations. Work smart not hard.
Do you have any job vacancies ?

We are very happy with your interest! Please check our social media or get in touch at .


Does O8 support IT and business transformation?
Yes, our implementation approach covers both the technical and business dimensions of the supply chain transformation. Benefits sustainability is achieved when functional ways of working are aligned with technical system configurations and setup.
How long does it take to implement?

Despite timelines depend on transformation scope and complexity, our benchmark is that the first supply chain node is live in Orchestr8 and fully integrated with source ERP systems in a period from 3 to 6 months.

How do you support clients implementing?

Our proprietary implementation methodology addresses the people, processes, systems and data dimensions of each transformation.
We provide continuous support for each of the dimensions above with levels of engagement that are defined based on each client’s requirements and level of support needed.

Can I implement supply and demand planning separately?

Yes, despite providing an end-to-end planning platform, Orchesrt8 demand planning and supply planning modules can be implemented separately.
Both modules share a common technical infrastructure which ensures economies of scale when considering implementation of the remaining planning scope.

Do you have training materials?
Training is a key part of ensuring the success of implementing Orchestr8. We combine both in-class training with remote learning offerings.


Does O8 integrate with ERP systems? Is it easy to do?

Yes, we have extensive experience in integrating our planning suite with SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics or JDE as well as integration with bespoke ERP systems.
Integration requirements and protocols are a key part of the design and implementation work at the beginning of each transformation.

Can I replace my ERP/APS planning module?

Yes, our extensive planning functionalities (detailed view available here) ensures that you only need a single system to perform your organization’s planning activities.

Does O8 do finite scheduling?

No, Orchestr8 is a supply chain planning tool. Finite production scheduling is not part of our service offering by design.

Does O8 support SSO capabilities?

We can integrate Orchestr8 within your organization's SSO protocol.

Can I link to external business partners like key customers or suppliers?

Yes – we have standard functionality to help integration with both key customers and vendors. This really helps to create win-win potential to improve performance for your key partners.

What languages does O8 support?
Orchestr8 is available in English (UK or US) and French. Additional language requirements can be considered.
What is your support model?
We offer 24x7 global support plus uniquely, a team of supply chain experts that understand your issues and how to solve them. We are planning specialists with a great software solution, not purely software engineers.

Engagement & Benefits

Can you guarantee a result?

Orchestr8 typically exceeds 20% reduction in inventories with increased service levels. We are happy to discuss with you a ROI guaranteed based agreement.

How do you build realistic business cases?

Our business cases are based on simulating your business environment in our platform with your real data.
A detailed business simulation is part of our engagement process to ensure Orchestr8 can address your business specifics and define realistic business targets.

Can I assess potential benefits before buying or implementing?

Yes, a key step to start of your transformation journey is to perform a detailed business simulation using your planning data and your portfolio. This will ensure Orchestr8 can address your business specifics and define realistic business targets.

Can I have a demo?

Definitely yes, we are more than happy to provide you a demo of our planning platform. Please get in touch with us here to arrange your session.

Do you provide DDMRP training?

We provide DDMRP training as part of the transformation process. We do not provide ad-hoc training sessions but are happy to give you references of our partner training organisations.